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16 days of activism 2017 by Celia Thompson

Leave violence behind and take women forward
Save the girl, beat the crime

16 Days Of Activism 2017

Hannah is completing her doctorate at the University of St Andrews. Her thesis is on current exclusionary practices in the British heritage industry and their moral and historical responsibility to discuss and disseminate BME historical narratives within the British built environment. Additionally, Hannah has worked as project coordinator for a project entitled ‘Barriers of Poverty and Inequality’ with the Edinburgh and Lothian Regional Equality Council (ELREC). In this project she worked with and researched African, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi communities to Edinburgh in order to better understand their barriers to personal and economic success. Her report served to give a voice to these disenfranchised communities in hopes that they can personally inform change at both the governmental and non-governmental level.

Day Of The Girl Child 2017

EmPower girls before, during and after crisis.

Monthly Roundup September 2017

Hurricanes, politics and religious tolerance