Day Of The Girl Child 2017

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On this special day I was privileged to attend a Reverse Jobs fair which was an event for disabled or long-term ill people who are trying to get back into work. It was well attended by recruiters from about 30 companies, candidates and various support workers. It was an informative event encouraging diversity and inclusion. After some inspiring and motivating speeches, employers went around and chatted to candidates. It was all about being disabled confident. I was surprised to learn of contribution to science and Technology made by the People with a disability. I was even more surprised to learn that statistics that one in three people become disabled at some point in their lives. That is a large number of people to exclude. Candidates included people   with disabilities ranging from mild abnormalities, severe deformities and learning difficulties.

However with greater surprise was the number of female candidates looking for work despite having health challenges. Once again I was reminded of the role of women in society and their contribution and I admired the courage and determination embedded to some of them to be there. It’s made the day off and girl even more important. All these remarkable women had something to offer and we’re looking for opportunities. Equal opportunities. Inequalities remain one of the biggest challenges facing Women and it starts with girls. They need to be empowered so that they will be capable to face anything that life throws at them.

This years theme, The Power of the Adolescent girl: Vision for 2030 is particularly important because the potential of teenage girls. must be harnessed and they must be empowered for the future. Many are still victims of child marriage, selective abortions, and infanticide. In developing countries education is still a challenge. Teenage pregnancy is still an issue and reduces their chances of education and economic empowerment. These girls are our future and that’s the United Nations says, empower girls before, during, and after crisis. So let’s get to work.








Author: Khadijatu Mansaray

Entrepreneur, Publisher, Activist.Born and raised in Sierra Leone.Formerly an accountant is passionate about Africa, Literature and social justice.

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