Introducing EASYGLAM, Elegance with Ease

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I’m very excited to talk about minute fashion label and partnership with Beoku Designs


.Beoku Designs happened as a matter of pure serendipity.  My business partner had been feeling uncharacteristically lethargic and wasn’t keen on going back to work. Being creative, she started experimenting with handbags and put them on Facebook.  She also displayed them at her Church’s Christmas Fare and was pleasantly shocked by the positive reactions.  The BBC saw them and got in touch to interview her about the designs.  And so Beoku Designs of House of Beoku was born.The original name of the business was Luverlee Pieces when she discovered the   that a jewellery business in America goes by the same name.  As she had started gaining recognition in the market place as ‘Luverlee’ Pieces the business changed and that became the strapline instead. Her aim is to create a multi-faceted business trading via all the main channels.

The amount of money she is invested and the level of autonomy that comes with running one’s own business is what keeps her motivated.

My story is different. I had a stroke in 2015 which changed my life for ever. As a result I now have impaired dexterity and significant mobility problems. Amongst other things there are very little clothing options on the high-street for people with my kind of challenges. Our options are very limited I require assistance putting them on. This intern impacts Independence and ultimately one’s self-esteem. As I didn’t want to give up to on glamour and like to look good I decided to create a fashion label that I could wear with ease. And so Easyglam was born. I was inspired and motivated by need and the fact that many people shall benefit from this label. As they will not only look and feel good but skim some independence in as well.

The partnership came about when I commissioned Beoku Designs to produce the clothes and use their existing supply chain to fulfil. We have similar values and interests I have worked together before on projects. This venture looks very promising

Author: Khadijatu Mansaray

Entrepreneur, Publisher, Activist.Born and raised in Sierra Leone.Formerly an accountant is passionate about Africa, Literature and social justice.

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