Monthly Roundup September 2017

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and  President Trump wasted no time in criticising the heroic Mayor of San Juan, who publicly asked for help to stop people dying.

Trump was also in the news for calling NFL players who protest police brutality by kneeling during the National Anthem, ‘sons of bitches.’ Which led Colin Kaeperick’s mum to tweet ‘That makes me one proud bitch!’

Hillary Clinton published her controversial book about her election loss.

Separatism rockee the world, with independence referendums taking place or scheduled in Iraqi Kurdistan and Catalonia, and police action against activists in anglophone areas of Cameroon.

Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU won the German elections, but the far-right AfD have entered parliament as the third largest party. ‘Mutti’ will struggle to put together a coalition as the centre left SPD have ruled themselves out, effectively ‘taking a bullet’ by becoming the official opposition and denying the AfD that distinction.

And lastly…Mufti Menk, a Muslim religious leader based in Zimbabwe, visited SL. He was well received with crowds in the national stadium. His message seemed harmless,positive even. But some seemed to resent his very presence, not withstanding that Christian leaders from abroad such as Reinhard Bonnke have been filling out stadiums in SL for years. Shortly after Menk left, Sierra Leone’s religious tolerance faced it’s  greatest challenge.

Author: Khadijatu Mansaray

Entrepreneur, Publisher, Activist.Born and raised in Sierra Leone.Formerly an accountant is passionate about Africa, Literature and social justice.

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