My reflections on Ramadan

My Reflections on Ramadan

This time last week, I was celebrating Eid with my community, most of who are also Family. It was reminiscent our celebrations in Freetown and made me reflect not only on how much things have changed, but how much I’ve changed and grown.

Although I cannot fast, I do my best to keep it keep the spirit of our Holy month. For many reasons I found it extremely challenging this year. Personally, I find being a good relatively easy and even joyous. I enjoy giving and making a difference to people no matter how small. What I find difficult is not being bad, simply because I find it difficult to turn the other cheek magnanimously because whenever I do I’m most likely intending to deliver a knockout blow immediately after. This year I was tried in so many ways and levels. I simply couldn’t understand how hello people could be so mean though I tried so hard to put myself in their shoes.

Forgiving was difficult, and I’m not sure if I can ever forget. Boundaries that should never be crossed were violated. Maintaining my personal space became a daily battle, and there were moments that I felt unseen, unheard and isolated.  Each day I got through without ending in tears was an achievement. I’m no angel but the level of contempt and disgust heaped upon me has been the most shocking I’ve experience and from people I least expected. Most of the time I felt abandoned, rejected and discriminated against.

Thankfully Allah has blessed me with resilience and I’m a survivor. I’m also good at adapting to situations so I grew and I learnt.

The most important lessons were as follows

  1. When people tell you, the evils are they’re capable of believe them even if you’re always looking for the best in people.
  2. Don’t confuse family and business relationships
  3. The price of independence is sometimes the loneliness
  4. Family is much more than goes genetics and DNA 
  5. Always be the driver in the journey of your life. Never be a passenger

Once again, I feel like I have been through fire and come out refined. I look forward too many more Ramadan months and the blessings that follow. Inshallah

©Khadijatu Mansaray

Author: Khadijatu Mansaray

Entrepreneur, Publisher, Activist.Born and raised in Sierra Leone.Formerly an accountant is passionate about Africa, Literature and social justice.

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