EID MUBARAK everyone.

 Ramadan this year has been unique. Congratulations to all Muslims. Peace and blessings to all. It’s has been challenging for everyone. 

As a Muslim, my resilience comes from faith in Allah. I know everything will be well and happens as Allah wills.

Circumstances beyond our control has made values such as discipline compassion have become important for everyone We have been tested in many ways. Ramadan is a test of wills, especially so this year. The world and made an emergency stop and we had to pause.

As we come to terms with a pandemic we still don’t understand, our priorities change and we review our choices. We define what really matters and this is different for everyone. For me the most beautiful thing has been the outpouring of love and gratitude. We realise that humanity is the most important thing no matter what our differences are we must stick together.

Individually, we’ve had our journeys as we cope with uncertainty, fear as well as grief and loss. The pandemic has affected all of us, so more so than the others Suddenly somethings cease to matter while the others become very important. I feel there has been a great awakening. We have been confronted by our mortality and realised in spite of our differences we are all human.

There is talk of the new normal, we don’t know exactly what that will be. It could be different for everybody but I do hope we continued to value life, care for humanity, not sure our planet and remember we are stronger together.

Whatever happens Life will go on. I’m hoping a new normal will mean kinder people and a more united human race.

Author: Khadijatu Mansaray

Entrepreneur, Publisher, Activist.Born and raised in Sierra Leone.Formerly an accountant is passionate about Africa, Literature and social justice.

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